Oasis Play Space

Scientific Art Studio was asked by the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center (OFJCC) to custom design and build a completely original family play space in an under used outdoor area of their Taube Koret Campus in Palo Alto, California.

Using our extensive materials experience, problem solving skills, and playful creativity, we presented, fabricated, and installed a solution that provided a unique outdoor experience reflecting the rich Jewish cultural heritage to the delight of everyone on opening day. 

CLIENT: Oshman Family Jewish Community Center

AKNOWLEDGMENTS: Playgrounds Unlimited


It is a piece of sculpture. It’s not a playground that’s your typical slides and swings. This is a play space, where kids can be really creative, make up their own games, explore…There are so many surprises built into this
— Mimi Sells, the OFJCC’s senior adviser for special projects