Giants Take the Bridge Trophy From the Athletics - Bay Bridge Series 2019

The A’s fans in the studio are doing our best not to be salty (the rest are celebrating) as we watched the logos switched on the The Bridge trophy this weekend of Bay Bridge Series. We designed and created this trophy for San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics, and NBC Sports Bay Area in collaboration with The Crucible. Forged from steel salvaged from the old eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, it features bronze logos and baseball designed to be switched out based on the winner. We also added a figure of the legendary bridge troll, which was inspired by the 18-inch figure welded onto the original bridge for symbolic protection following the 1989 Loma-Prieta earthquake. It was a neat project and we loved having the opportunity to create with Crucible artists, Don Plumb, Chris Neimer, and Celeste Flores. A true Bay Area collaboration.

More about the Bridge Trophy process here:

Of course, we are no strangers to making MLB art. We designed and created the famous giant baseball mitt at the San Francisco Giants Stadium and over the years have painted murals and sculpted and cast many of the bronze plaques around the stadium. Go Giants!