What We Do

We interpret ideas, dreams, and far-fetched notions translating them into design, implementation plans, and unique solutions. We work with clients, and side-by-side with architects and designers, emphasizing creating something unique and better than previous incarnations.

We focus on beauty and creativity without losing sight of functionality and budget.  



Designing with beauty, functionality, and budget in mind, we devise creative solutions and intriguing objects.


Constantly pushing to develop innovative techniques, we fabricate high-quality and long-lasting products.


Mindful of safety and accuracy, our meticulously executed installations are completed on time and within budget.


We are designers, sculptors, painters, welders, builders, crafters, fabricators, and - above all - dreamers. We live to see the world through new eyes, to laugh and play like children, and to explore boldly and fearlessly. We push boundaries and relish challenges.

For the past 35 years Scientific Art Studio has been the design and fabrication studio pushing the envelope of the latest fabrication techniques and bringing beauty to everything we do. Under Ron Holthuysen's creative direction, our multi-talented team has designed and built engaging exhibits, themed environments, immersive playgrounds, and engineered icons around the world. 


In our childhood, the kitchen table was our painting easel, our potter's wheel, lego our foundation, our laboratory table, and anything else the days' adventures required. Space was not limited or designated for one activity. Our expansive facility in Richmond, CA has achieved the same level of flexibility on a much larger scale.

Now we have the luxury of separate areas for delicate processes such as textile work, CNC routing, painting, and office work. However, the majority of our workshops and outdoor space is used flexibly for prototyping, wood work, metal work, sculpting, casting, and much more. Today one workshop may be a rock carving studio and tomorrow a water feature testing facility, constantly morphing into the next work environment, adjusting to accommodate each new project.