Elinor Friend Playground

This very popular outdoor exhibit was designed, engineered and built to endure both the Bay Area Marine environment and hundreds of thousands of active children having fun every day. Inspired by nature, this play environment features three distinct, age-specific bioregions: Tropical Banyan Tree Exploration, Polar Adventure, and Riverside Play.

The San Francisco Zoo chose Scientific Art Studio because "they understood textures, that it has to withstand the elements out here, and that we want it to be used and abused." – Tanya Peterson, president of the San Francisco Zoological Society

CLIENT: San Francisco Zoo and Gardens

AKNOWLEDGMENTS: Rudolph Commercial Interiors, Inc., Playgrounds Unlimited, Safeplay by Design

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

Our goal was to create a playground where children lose themselves in undirected play, where the time whizzes by and kids don’t want to leave
— Ron Holthuysen