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[The Oasis Playspace] has been amazingly transformative, creating a place where children of all ages love to linger and play. What a brilliant, artful and amazing solution you gave to our request to create an inviting play space.
— Mimi Sells, the OFJCC’s senior adviser for special projects

Giant Baseball Mitt
san francisco giants stadium

Design and Fabrication of giant baseball mitt

Elinor Friend Playground
San Francisco Zoo

Nature-inspired and immersive play area featuring three distinct, age-specific regions

Oasis Playspace

A culturally inspired play environment and gathering space for all ages

jim and joy mcmullen california wilds! play environment
Oakland zoo

Interactive and inclusive play environment set in the heart of the Oakland Zoo’s California Trail Exhibit

tot lot and lookout cove
bay area discovery museum

Redesign, engineer and fabrication for a universally-accessible outdoor learning and play space.

children’s play garden
san jose rotary club

Accessible play space with sand table, stream, and animal and kinetic sculptures